Art is a constant practice in transformation, both for me as an artist and hopefully for people with whom I share my music.
— TW, Interview with Tom Choi, Roulette Blog 2013
...this was when it happened. And when improv is happening, it is likely to be magical. Theresa Wong on cello and voice, and Kjell Nordeson on percussion, played with a different accuracy, with a precision that really was amazing since this was the first time they played together. It was not about expressing one self, but about listening and in dialogue to shape a language.
— Ulf Olsson, Orkester Journalen (Sweden), 2011
...I ended totally convinced by the sheer warmth and humanity of this project.
— Clive Bell on The Unlearning, The Wire 2011
It is difficult not to remain enchanted by the 21 miniatures presented by Theresa Wong in her first solo outing.
— Massimo Ricci, Paris Transatlantic Magazine Winter 2011