Call It Culture

Call It Culture pdf
2007 for two cellos
(for Joan Jeanrenaud)
Premiered April 29, 2007 at St. Kevin's Church, San Francisco
Performed by Joan Jeanrenaud and Theresa Wong
This work is supported in part through Subito, the quick advancement grant program of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Composers Forum

Mortan Feldman: John, wouldn’t you say that what we’re dependent on, we call reality, and what we don’t like, we consider an intrusion in our life? Consequently, I feel that what’s happening is that we’re continually being intruded upon.
John Cage: But that would make us very unhappy.
Feldman: Or we surrender to it, and call it culture.
Cage: Call it culture?
Feldman: Or whatever.
- from Radio Happening 1, recorded at WBAI