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HARBORS - Duo with Ellen Fullman

  • SYDNEY TOWN HALL - CENTENNIAL HALL 483 GEORGE STREET Sydney 2000 Australia (map)

Harbors is a piece created in collaboration between Ellen Fullman and Theresa Wong. Drawing inspiration from the soundscapes as well as the stories and atmospheres that manifest around such bodies of water that propagate exchange, Harbors "evokes ghosts of renegade string sections and Ennio Morricone’s harmonica motifs. The increasingly colorful mélange of wavering notes and their errant reflections sound like the thrum of vibrant light.” (Sam Lefebvre, Impose Magazine) Structured around the extended harmonics of cello strings and the tones resulting from pressing a string at a harmonic nodal point, Wong captures material electronically layering harmonic possibilities within the bed of undulating overtones of the Long String Instrument. 

Sydney Festival, Australia