Quintillions Green

One of the most inventive and eclectic figures in contemporary music, guitarist and composer Fred Frith made a welcome return to London's Cafe Oto in 2015. Recorded on the first night of his residency with collaborators Theresa Wong and John Butcher, Quintillions Green is an improvised epic with titles inspired by Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. Visual Artist Heike Liss energized the evening - trailing delicate threads of color across textured film sequences to mirror the expansive, unspooling free verse of the trio.

John Butcher / saxophones, feedback
Theresa Wong / cello, voice
Fred Frith / guitar, voice

Recorded live at Cafe OTO on 29 May 2015 by James Dunn. Mixed by James Dunn. Mastered by Rupert Clerveaux. Original image by Heike Liss.

Otoroku 2016
Download at cafeoto.co.uk