Mud Nest Signals

Mud Nest Signals was commissioned by Del Sol String Quartet for their 25th Anniversary Whole Sol Festival and is a piece for string quartet, cello, voice and video. The piece explores how color, gesture and sound are means of non-linguistic expression, as if to recall our experience of pure sensing before we learned how to speak. The quartet members utilize their voices throughout the piece, blending with Wong's live singing as well as prerecorded vocalizations emanating from the ‘video vocal trio’. The entire piece lasts 20 minutes and is written in extended just intonation.

Performed by Theresa Wong (cello/voice), Del Sol String Quartet, with video by Theresa Wong
Taube Atrium Theater, San Francisco, November 17th, 2017
Rick Shinozaki & Benjamin Kreith: violins, Charlton Lee: viola, Kathryn Bates: cello
Special thanks to Lijiang Studio for time and space to develop this piece.