Duo with Søren Kjærgaard

Danish pianist Søren Kjærgaard and Theresa Wong met along the sonic trade routes between Copenhagen and California, beginning their musical dialogue in 2011 during Kjærgaard's residency at the Meridian Gallery in San Francisco. Since then, T.W. and S.K. have performed in the Bay Area with artists such as Fred Frith and Torben Ulrich, and also in Copenhagen with vocalist Maria Laurette-Friis. Their recent album, Layered Events (Cassauna 2016), is a set of pieces constructed entirely of improvisations recorded upon improvisations in the studio. A multifarious melange of cello, voice, Hammond B3 organ, prepared piano and Rhodes electric piano, Layered Events presents two players poised to each other and to themselves, traversing the breadth of their synchronistic encounters.