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Selected Works

(Commissioned by, written for and/or dedicated to Monique Buzzarté)

trombone and electronics:

Anne LeBaron The Left Side of Time (2004)
Alexandra Gardner Snapdragon (2002), funded through the PatsyLu Fund
Pauline Oliveros Red Shifts (2000) for trombone, oscillators and noise

trombone and tape:
Alice Shields The River of Memory (2008) - commissioned by Meet the Composer for
     Monique BuzzartĂ©
Alice Shields Mioritza: Requiem for Rachel Corrie (2004)
K. Terumi Shorb Three Meditations on War at Home (2003), funded through the PatsyLu Fund
Sorrel Hays Wake Up and Dream (1998)

trombone in chamber music:
Pauline Oliveros The Gender of Now: There But Not There (2005) (trombone, piano),
     funded through the PatsyLu Fund
Ludmila Ulehla Two Thousand One (2002) (trombone, soprano, piano)

solo trombone:
Leslie Wildman Midnight Walk (1999)
Kristin Norderval Aura (1998)
Leslie Wildman Early Bird (1998)
Clare Shore Sojourn (1997)
Margaret De Wys Pulse (1994)
Susan Botti Windows (1990)
Karen P. Thomas Four Delinations of Curtmantle (1983)

trombone and soprano:
Leslie Wildman Love Me Still (1992)
Leslie Wildman In Gold Sandels (1987)

trombone and percussion:
Leslie Wildman Miz B Goes Dancing (1991)